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2010 Shiraki Campaign: Amen and Amen

My final message to all the volunteers who helped me with my first political campaign:

Aloha Team,

Well, our 2010 campaign has ended in defeat.  I am not angry, sad, or even discouraged. You and I have done our very best to make a difference here in Hawaii.  Even when things do not turn out as we want, there is a peace that comes, a blessing of faith, that rests upon those who have "fought the good fight."  Which is what we all did.  I feel good about what we accomplished even though the final outcome did not manifest as we had hoped.  We offered the voters of Pearl City a choice, a clear choice, between two good candidates who demonstrated huge differences between the two of them-- striking divergences in political ideology, guiding principles and leadership philosophy.  We must not discount the importance of our efforts which provided a choice.

Without choice, there is no decision.

Without decision, there can be no commitment, no progress.

So while on paper, I go down as the loser in District 36, in reality, we are ALL truly victorious for believing and expressing our faith with good works.  The voters in Pearl City, this year, were given the opportunity to choose, to decide and to express their decision with a vote.  This is democracy.  This is the process that empowers liberty.

So, again, I feel good about what we accomplished.

There are so many people to thank.  So many friends and family members who have donated time and money to this effort!  If you are reading this, in some way, you have helped sustain me during this fight. My appreciation is sincere and deep.  Mahalo!  You truly, truly had my back from the get go up until the end.

To Kyle Ho, my campaign manager, and Jason Tateishi, my campaign treasurer: I want to publicly express how much your friendship and loyalty means to me.  From the moment I told you about my running intentions (when both of you looked at me like I was crazy) up until the final count of 2898 votes, you guys have been there like brothers.

Already, I am being asked if I will run again in 2012.  In all honesty, at this point, I do not know.  For now, professionally, I will refocus on my chiropractic practice and the care of my patients... and on the home front, I want to get back to being a fully-present husband and father-- not the grumpy zombie I've been for much of the past year.  I will stay active with the Pearl City Community Association and the Pearl City Foundation.  I will continue to serve in the Church.  Will I run in 2012?  Ultimately, I guess, I'll make the decision the same way I did this one: on my knees.  Whatever the Lord inspires, confirms and leads me to do, I will do.

Just one final request, team.  I would like to clean up Pearl City of my campaign signs ASAP.  If you have a sign in your yard or see one hanging out there in the neighborhood, please take them down straightaway.

That's it.  Thank you again for everything!  May Heavenly Father bless you and your loved ones abundantly!

Ever faithful,

Dr. Shiraki


Shiraki Sign-Waving Debut

First day of sign-waving and it was good, good fun!

Twelve friends joined Eriko, my four kids, and me along Komo Mai Drive as we wished a "Howzit and a Good Morning" to our neighbors as they drove out of Pacific Palisades.  Special thanks to Richard Lee Fale who came all the way from Laie to support our team at 6 AM (Fale is also running for the State House, District 47)!

Mahalo to the 6/14/2010 Morning Crew: Eriko, Gladys, Ron, Darlene, Jason, Kyle, Debbie, Mana, Makana, Julian, Tiana, Ammon, Fale, Karisa, Malakai, Faith and Josiah


Bukkyo Desu

When I was a missionary serving in Japan (way back in the day) from 1988 to 1990, door-to-door proselytizing was the main way we contacted people.  One of the most common replies after we introduced ourselves was "Kekko desu. Bukkyo desu kara."  Translated: "No thank you, because we are Buddhist."

I've been thinking about my missionary days a lot recently because of all the door knocking I've been doing in Pearl City as part of my political campaign.  Except today, it's not "bukkyo desu" that I'm hearing but instead,  "Sorry, I'm a Democrat."

I've realized long ago that when someone immediately responds with a reason why they cannot/do not want to continue a conversation with you, it's always best to politely leave them be.  Trying to convince the Buddhist to listen to a discourse about Christ or trying to get a lifelong Democrat to support a Republican candidate will more times than not end badly.

Instead of bashing points of views and manipulating an unwilling stranger to listen, it's better to leave a good impression-- to plant a seed so that one day, under different circumstances, there might be a chance that that same person may be willing to listen to at least a little bit of the message.


LG's Got My Back

Last Thursday, I was able to talk with Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona in a one-on-one strategy meeting.  He went over my campaign plan and gave me great advice on what I really needed to focus on this election year.  While LG did say that our team is organized and off to a solid start, he did not sugar coat the reality of the situation.  My opponent, Roy Takumi, has been in office since 1992 and will not be an easy man to beat.  Mr. Aiona said that with the full support of the unions and the Democrat Party machine behind him, it would not be out of the question for Takumi to fundraise as much as $100,000.00 this year to use in his campaign against me.

While I do not expect to raise nearly the same amount as the incumbent, the fact is, I really don’t need to.  You see, my opponent will be using his money to buy direct mailing promotions and other advertising media.  I, on the other hand, will concentrate most of my efforts in the one tried and true method of local campaigning: knocking on doors and meeting the Pearl City voters face-to-face… and of course, sign-waving mornings and evenings on the side of the road, flashing the shakas!

The Lieutenant Governor said to me, “Takumi may raise more money than you, but I know he won’t work harder than you.”

He also told me that I've earned his endorsement and has even agreed to be on stage with me at the Shiraki Campaign Kick-off on March 27 when I will officially announce my candidacy.

Hope you can join us, too!